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Whyology: The Study of Whyville

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Whyology: The Study of Whyville

Times Writer

A type of scientific suffix, 'logy', specifically means "the discourse or study of". For example, biology means the study of life, zoology is referred to as the study or animals, and sociology is the study of the society around us. However, did you know that Whyology is the study of Whyville?

If you ever visited Whyville's Whyology Center, you would have learned information based upon the study of Whyville and its citizens. Not to mention that you would have been given the chance to participate in games and activities that will give you a greater understanding of our quaint town. People were so curious about us, the citizens of Whyville, that a group of research scientists from the California Institute of Technology decided to become citizens so that they could learn more.

On July 12, 2001, the three Whyologists published an article titled Clam for Your Thoughts. In it, they explained the survey that they were conducting on the citizens themselves and ideas towards developments that Whyville could make to make the site more interesting and a superior educational web site. Not only could you explain the good things that Whyville was doing, put you could mention the things that you disliked or things that needed improvements. Do not forget that the survey was an exceptional opportunity for citizens to assist Whyville and also earn up to a 200-clam bonus.

Over a year later, I decided to visit the Whyology Center myself, in hopes of resurrecting new information about this study and survey of Whyville. A list of participants was posted, and surprisingly, there were many responses from the citizens. I assume that hundreds of citizens signed up in hopes to learn more about Whyville while, at the same time, receiving an extra reward.

However, sign ups were closed, and they have been adjourned since December of 2001. Being as curious as I am, I wonder the reason of the shutdown and I ask if another instalment of the Whyology survey will take place anytime in the future. I believe that you will get as great of a response as last time, or one that surpasses the old record.

In conclusion, what happened to the Whyology Center, and will we ever ask why again?

Dance magic dance,


Note from City Hall: Thanks for wondering about the Whyology Center! The Whyology Study was sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The data collection phase is over, and the Whyologists are now busy analyzing what they learned. I've asked them to share their results with us, so hopefully you'll soon see an article from them right here in the Whyville Times.

This particular Whyology Study may be over, but that doesn't mean that the Whyology Center is closed down forever. Whyville is such a fascinating place, I know lots of scientists will want to come to our town and ask why. In fact, two different universities are writing up grants that include us! If they get the funding to come and study Whyville, then we will open up the Center again and no doubt get citizens involved. So keep your fingers crossed!



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