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A Tale of Two Boys

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A Tale of Two Boys

Whyville Poet
I see you watching,
brown eyes reflected in the sunlight,
hair dripped by the light rain
and as you come closer, you slip your hand into mine.
As I rest my head against your shoulder,
and you rest your head against mine,
we begin to walk
side by side
simultaneously through the crowds.
Viewers watch in disgust
and you only draw me closer, aware of what is around us
but careless
because we are together
and everything seems picture-perfect.
We make it to a large oak tree
and rest against its strong base and nestle under its shade
we are protected
and I rest my head on your chest
feel you breathing
and am thankful that have this moment together.
I turn to you, and we look into each other??s eyes
twinkling, glistening, and shining
you are the most beautiful picture
a masterpiece
and as our lips touch, I can tell this feels so perfect,
like it was meant to be
you and me
I can feel my spirit
floating freely with yours
in a place unimaginable
but filled with love
and as we head back through the crowds
and see the faces of distaste
we float back into the world
only to escape in the arms of each other
once again.



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