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I made a boo-boo in last week's paper, which made the link to last week's all-important What's New article go to the wrong place! I urge you to go read it now! :)

As you will learn from the above article, Whyville will hold our 4th annual Halloween Costume Party at the mysterious Hauntington House, this coming October 30th (Wednesday, the day before Halloween). The House will remain open through the week, but the costume contest will be held only on Wednesday, so boo there or boo square!

To enter the House, you'll need to figure out the new password. If I were you, I'd keep my ears peeled in the next week! Orange you glad you got my advice? I sure hope you and your kin are all pumped! I'd hate for you to get it all backwards!! He he, am I talking funny or am I maybe giving you a hint...?

You'll notice that the BBS promised last week hasn't shown up. Some days, it doesn't pay to be in the journalism business... City Hall promises me this stuff will show up eventually!

And finally, I'd like to apologize for an error I made earlier -- turns out I spelled Saskatchewan Sasketchewan. Sorry to all Canadians and lovers of geography and decent spelling! I hope you'll forgive me. That's a really tough one!

Goes to show you, everybody can make mistakes. Even me!

That's it. Stay tuned in with the Times!
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