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Growing Up

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Growing Up

Guest Writer

I'm here to talk to you about Whyville and it's citizens. Well, that's basically all we writers ever talk about, but Googles is going further away from Whyville, and that is what brought up the topic for me.

Nobody can stay in Whyville forever. We get older and our lives get busier. We don't have as much time. I'm still young and I have a lot of time on my hands, so I am here a lot.

Whyville's citizens have created a thing where you adopt other citizens. Some people have mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Some of those family members will have to leave Whyville someday. But it shows you that it's also tough to leave, although you feel you have to do it. It also shows you that Whyville isn't your WHOLE life. (I'm sure Whyville doesn't want you on the computer 24/7, not doing your homework; no school...!)

Whyville has made this website too fun to leave. We get to talk to people, make a face and even design our own face parts. We get to play games, build a house... (other stuff that you already know of)... and that is what makes it tough to leave. But life isn't all about Whyville.

These are virtual avatars that have personality and are being controlled by real people. These real people can leave Whyville whenever they want, but you can't leave life. That is one way how Whyville isn't like real life. But Whyville is trying to make this site as educational, fun, and realistic as it can get. Haven't you heard about the eating game City Hall is making? Wow, you can eat on the internet? This might be the first site to be able to do that.

Ok, so I covered 2 topics. But I am trying to point out that just because your best friend in Whyville may leave to go live their life doesn't mean that your whole life left you and you have to go hide in a corner forever. Get out there and find more good friends! There are plenty of nice people out there. Although some may have a warped sense of humor, they are funny. Although some people can be kind of nasty, they can still be nice. Although there are some mean people, it isn't the end of the world.

Thanks for listening... or should I say reading? I have to go live my own life and take time in Whyville like everyone else. Thanks Whyville, for making this a great website!




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