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Heartful Hopes for Bali

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Heartful Hopes for Bali

Guest Writer

Hello all. SallyBabe here with a sad story (why do I think of sad articles all the time?).

As we probably all know, Bali was bombed on the 12th of October. What makes me really sad is the fact that Bali is such a small island and it will be hard for them to regain what they had. Whereas with New York, they lost a whole lot more, and we care for Bali as much as we do for America, but America being such a large, powerful country, it seems they would be able to get back on their feet a lot quicker. I mean that with all possible respect.

I come from Australia, and I have been noticing lately in the newspapers that a lot of Australians are either missing or dead. I have done a bit of research and have found out that that attack was aimed at Australian tourists, but if they wanted to kill us, why didn't they bomb us directly and leave Bali out of it? Unless they had something against Bali, too, they had no right to do that. In fact, they had no right to do the attack in the first place.

Just today, I was walking through the shopping center and was thinking about it... imagine if we got attacked right now? What would happen? Would anyone survive? Would anyone care? What would I do about it? Could I do anything?

What did the people in Bali think when it was happening? What did the people in New York think when it was happening? How would you react?

I'd better go now (have to have dinner). If you disagree in any way with this article, please tell me; I need feedback!

Anyway, bye bye... this is SallyBabe.



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