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Another 9-11 Perspective

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Another 9-11 Perspective

Times Writer

Hey, Blink1828 here. I decided today that I wanted to write another article on 9-11 but in a different perspective. I'm not sure if the Editor will want to publish this because it is a bit controversial, but here I go.

It all started in English class. No, not 9-11 silly, but my inspiration for this article. Sure, America got hit once. But there are countries all over the world that get hit every day!

My friend told a story about when we had just been attacked. Her friend called her up and her dad answered the phone. "Now you know how we feel," were the first words to leave her friend's mouth. She lives near Israel and they get attacked very often.

You may think there is something seriously wrong with her that she would actually say something like this, but think about it. What if you were in her situation? What if every day you feared for your life, while here in America we are having a jolly good time? Okay, okay, I may be exaggerating a LITTLE, but not much!! We in America (and Canada, and many other countries) have it so easy, at least, most of us. Most of us aren't hiding in a bomb shelter or whatever, trying just to live through the day.

Look, I understand that this article might not be published. I understand that it could make people absolutely furious that I am saying this. But so what if people think, "Oh my, how could this girl say this when we were attacked and so many people were killed?" Well, it's my opinion. It's MY opinion. I have a right to my opinion. The Editor has a right not to publish this. I know many will not agree with this, but please tell me what you think.

Okay, this was an angry girl article... thanks for listening to me rave,



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