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The Revenge Game

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The Revenge Game

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One important thing I've learned in my years of existence is that if someone is being mean to you, you have no excuse to be mean to them. I learned this the hard way.

Last year, my friend was totally bummed out because this "friend" had tried to do a series of cruel things to him. She had done things like poke holes in his soda can so when he tried to have a drink of soda, it would spill all over his shirt. He saw the holes before he took a drink, so nothing happened, but still.... I was really mad at her when I heard this, so I offered to help teach her a lesson. He accepted.

That night, I stayed up really late, mixing up a really smelly concoction that I planned to stick in her locker. Let me tell you, it really smelled!

The next day, I soaked a little piece of something or other in the liquid and stuck that in her locker. I was really stupid, though, and left the stuff on my desk. Of course, the teachers had enough brains to ask, and of course I lied about it. But somehow the rumor had gotten around about what it was for, so the teachers found out.

I went through the whole enchilada in the anger department. The principal was really mad at me because I was really rude to her when I went to her office. My parents were really mad at me, too, because they thought I'd done something awful and would be expelled. At the end of all the anger, I went and apologized to everyone who had been affected.

That was the last time I ever did something mean to anybody on purpose. If you look at me now, you'll see I have an almost perfect record, which is nice because it is the first time I've had one in a really long time. If someone tries to do something mean to me, I blow it off and smile. It's not worth stressing about. As for meddling with other people's affairs? Well, I try not to get involved.

After reading this article people are probably going to hate me, I'll understand if you do, but at least by reading my experience, you'll know to not make the same mistake.




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