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How City Hall Found Whyville

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by Kelly
Whyville Historian

It all happened one day while City Hall was walking outside. City Hall was bored with the city and wanted to go somewhere far away and relax. So he went to a travel agency called Tiki Tours. He hoped maybe they would know where he could co.

Kiki, the person working there at the time, advised him to go to Whyville, a far off island where no one lived. City Hall liked the idea and took a cab to catch a flight.

Once his flight landed he marveled at the surroundings. It was just empty land as far as he could see.

City Hall decided right away that if he was going to stay here for a little while he needed a house. So he set to work building.

And building, and building, till at last he had made himself a small little town where he could relax. He even made one building look like Tiki Tours, the place that sent him here.

One day, while relaxing on the roof of one of his creations he got to thinking. He wanted to stay here for the rest of his life and why not? It was wonderful, just lonely. He wanted to let others enjoy this place like him.

Working hard City Hall transformed his buildings into places for fun and relaxation. He even invited his friends the taxi cab man, Kiki, Bob (who helped City Hall with the building), his pet Whybird, his friends who flew his plane, and many other strange and normal people to help him.

After all that work City Hall opened Whyville and now it is what it is today. Of course City Hall still is working hard on helping other people enjoy this wonderful place and enjoying working on it too. Now we can do all sorts of wonderful things!

Just a question for all to think about: What does the Times Editor really look like? We all know what City Hall looks like. Most of the other people we see everyday (Kiki, aliens, and so on). How come I never see the Times Editor anywhere? They really should join us and have some fun!

Note from the Faceless Editor: This is an awesome story on the creation of Whyville! Folks, send in your version of how Whyville was created, and we'll have us a contest for the "Whyville Genesis Award".



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