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Happy Halloween 2002

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Happy Halloween 2002

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With much anticipation and excitement, citizens took part in dressing up and discovering the secret password. Wednesday, October 30, 2002 marked Whyville's 4th annual Halloween Party held in the abstruse Hauntington House. For some, it may have been the "spookiest" evening of the year....

As I entered Dr. Leila's, I came across a swarm of citizens, all eager and impatient to set foot in the haunted house and see the contents inside. Many shrieked the secret pass, 'pumpkin' spelt backward, while others asked around for the password in hopes to get in. Once here, I spotted several festive individuals who dressed up as everything from witches, devils, and cows to kittens, dogs, and vampires.

The haunted house itself had not changed much, except for the array of people waiting outside and travelling to the graveyard, all eager to discover the activities and prizes that could be awaiting them. The pumpkin sitting outside of the house held the key to who was ahead in the costume contest. The ghost who welcomed you carried a scroll, which read "Beware! Take Heed! Dangers lurk in each and every room of the Hauntington House".

The rooms themselves were very diverse, from the main lobby, which contained a large flight of stairs and an ancient fireplace, to the room that served eyeballs and worms. A secret room was upstairs that was deceptive and tricky to get out of. You had to click on the right set of flashing eyeballs to return to the main lobby. Of course, the party would not be the same without the endless array of stairs that was the site of the Halloween projectile hunt. The graveyard stretched on to reveal pumpkins falling from the sky -- the newest addition -- and witches brew that was being conjured up amongst the glowing pumpkin lanterns.

From time to time, a City Worker would appear to examine the festivities and vote for a costume that they found was unique for the season. Many were busy showing off their outfits in the costume contest and even I joined in on the amusement. In one day, I saw people transformed into one-eyed Cyclopses, albino vampires, and a Whyville computer. Although there was a debate about what my costume actually was, my intention was to be 'the imagination of Whyville', although a friend also described me as a distant cousin of Dr. Suess.

Although citizens themselves will still have access to the house for a week or so, the contest was only held on Wednesday evening and into the night. Nevertheless, if you have not viewed the haunted house or graveyard yet, I suggest you do so before it disappears into its own glowing mist for yet another year.

For those who enjoyed the festivities, keep your costume ideas and candy-yearning brains filled with ideas. For Whyville is not the same without the celebrations and parties, especially dealing with Halloween. Start preparing for next year's costumes and you will be ahead of the pack. Until next week, keep snacking on the Halloween candy and enjoy.

A Monster Mash,



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