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Lily's Haunting

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Lily's Haunting

Whyville Storyteller

Lily's heart thudded with fear. Finally, she had arrived at the much talked-about Hauntington House. It was rather crooked and appeared sinister. She shuddered. The house looked eerie, as beckoning her to come inside.

"Welcome," said a ghost floating outside the house. Lily gave a little shriek. She had not noticed the ghost at first and it scared her half to death. Stumbling away from the ghost, she ran past a weird-looking fence... into a graveyard.

Breathless, she walked to a tree to catch her breath, looking around warily. A low growl emitted from the tree and she jumped. A pair of eyes glared at her from the tree. She gasped and spun away from the tree. Stumbling and looking over her shoulder, Lily ran away from the tree, only to trip over a gravestone.

"Ahh!" she cried out as she fell. A white floating thing rose up, as though to find out what had happened. Lily shot up and found herself face-to-face with the ghost. "Oh no!" she moaned as she dashed away, deeper into the creepy graveyard.

Walking cautiously, she tiptoed towards a ray of yellow light. Crouching behind a tree, she peeked out. What a sight greeted her! Jack-o-lanterns hung on a string, their faces grinning evilly with orangish light. The pale yellow light from the moon cast a spooky glow over the graveyard. Near her, there was a cauldron of brew. Curiosity overwhelmed her and she quietly walked towards it. There was a ladle there; so she helped herself to a drink.

"Mmm... ewww!" she spat out. How horrid it tasted! Then, a high thin voice cried out, "How dare you! Spitting out my hard work!"

Lily gulped. Without a word, she dashed through the graveyard, and passing the ghost at the door of the house to seek shelter and safety in the house.

"Wheeeww," she gasped. "If I had waited longer, the old hag at the graveyard would have turned me into something else!"

"Hmm," she wondered out loud, surveying her surroundings, "I wonder if these are portraits of the family? Oh my, it's the Whyville bird!" she exclaimed, studying the portrait of the bird.

"Hey, what are you writing?" She walked over to the spider. "W-E-L-C-O-M-E." The spider wrote.

"Oh! Wow, this is creepy." She spied a door at the other side and quickly walked towards it. The dining room was empty except for some dishes... and a head on the plate.

There was a big window which might have once looked beautiful but now looked scary. Lily peered closer at the dishes. "Ew... ewww!" She stepped back. There was a soup filled with eyeballs and a tray of moving worms. There was also a bottle on the table. Going around the table, she stopped at a chair nearest to the bottle.

"Eeek!!!" she shuddered. The mirror across the table showed a reflection of a skull. She picked up the bottle and skipped away from the mirror. Out of curiosity, she wrestled the cap off the bottle. To her surprise, an evil-looking green ghost darted outside.

"In! In!" Lily screamed. After the spirit unhappily complied, she shakily capped back the bottle.

"Hey... what is that doing?" She leaned forward to look. Oh! A fly had landed on the nose of the head and the nose was flicking away the fly. If it had not happened in this scary room, she might had laughed. But now it increased her fear and she darted out of the room as soon as possible.

Lily then walked up the stairs. She spotted a dark room on one side of the house. Despite how everything had freaked her out, Lily still loved frightening herself. When she stepped into this new room, it was totally dark. She tried groping around for a switch. Then, a pair of eyes appeared and disappeared in the dark. Then, another pair of eyes did the same appearing and disappearing. There was more and more... she shivered and ran out.

There was a little doorway at the top of the staircase. She peered into it and found yet more stairs. "It looks fun," she thought. Nimbly, she ran up the stairs. However, the stairs stretched further and further. There were projectiles along the way and she picked them up.

Lily lost track of the time and the number of stairs she climbed. She sighed and sat down on the steps. Even more stairs stretched further....

"When am I going to finish?" she thought gloomily. She yawned. She had spent a long time on the stairs. "Oh well, might as well get along with it." She slowly climbed one step after a step... hoping to arrive at the ending....

Happy Halloween =)



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