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More Halloween History

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More Halloween History

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I finished reading TIKE's article, "Hallowe'en Around the World", and I realized he forgot something! It was an amazing article, and I did learn quite a bit about 'Hallowe'n' in other countries. But he forgot a celebration that takes place in quite a bit of the world, and was created by the Celtic People.

It is called 'Samhain' and that is what I celebrate. Samhain is pronouced 'Sow-en' in Gaelic, and in the Celtic language. Many Americans and Canadians pronounce it just the way it looks, 'sam-hain', and that's okay, too.

Samhain is basically a Wiccan Sabbath. Many people have no knowledge about Wicca, so let me describe it the way many non-Wiccans put it -- witchcraft. I will not get much into explaining Wicca/Witchcraft because I have to save that for another article!

In any case, during Samhain, Wiccans celebrate pretty much what Hallowe'en is -- some of us (the younger ones, usually) go Trick-or-Treating, because it is fun! We also hold a ritual for Samhain with:

  • our Coven,
  • our friends, OR
  • by ourselves

What we do during Samhain differs with the type of Wicca that we practice (there are a number of different kinds, so I can't really branch into that without this article being really long and probably boring!), our coven, or if we are solitary! Where and when we have our ritual also has something to do with it.

Some people prefer a party-type thing, like I am having, or just having a ritual with a coven (also like I am doing). Some people have rituals in magickal places, like Stonehenge if you live in Europe, or just by the coast, or in a park or your backyard.

We usually invoke the God and Goddess, call upon the Watchtowers, the elements and just have a circle. Of course, Samhain differs everywhere, so this is just me!



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