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Halloween Party!

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Halloween Party!

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Hey all you Whyvillians! OoreganoO here! I'm sure you have all heard about the great, the wonderful HALLOWEEN PARTY! For those who didn't get to go, in case you're curious, the password was nikpmup, Pumpkin backwards, OR egnaro nikpmup Orange Pumpkin backwards. Yes those were the words we all said October 30! The one that would get us to the haunted house. The toucan outside Dr. Leila's was talking all night! Must have gotten tired, don't you think? The house was crowded, the ghost was chatting, and the graveyard, well, you don't even want to go there! ;)

The stairs...! Have any of you figured out how many flights there are? I tried, but I got tired after level 106! LoL! So I went back.

When you get to the haunted house, it's hard to find your way back! Your "trusty" bus driver can't take you back! He's gone evil, LoL! You can't escape to your Whyville home, (plot) and basically there is only one way out. In the dining room, you click on the window, and it will take you all the way back to the welcome page. At least, I do believe that's what it does!

Also in the dining room, you see "your" reflection in the mirror; however, it's not you! It's a ghost! That special spot to sit was the middle chair on the right hand side of the table.

"VoTe FoR Me! VoTe FoR Me!" is what the world was saying! Skeletons, witches, pirates, ghosts! Every type of costume was there!

Well, I guess the party's over! :*(

Until next time,



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