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Halloween a Time for Rudeness?

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Halloween, a Time for Rudeness?

Guest Writer

Hello Whyville.

It's the night before Halloween and the haunted house has been opened! Yes, everyone is there but I. Why you ask? Well, Whyville isn't as great as I'd thought. I just got a Why-pass last night for this occasion. I was wearing a pixie costume. I thought I looked quite adorable and I liked my 5 minute had-already costume. LoL. But I guess many people didn't, and they told me.

I was not getting votes at the haunted house because everyone was saying, "Vote for me and I'll vote for you," which is not what I do. I pick a few great costumes and vote for them. So I went to my favorite place, the Pool Party. I wasn't there more than 2 minutes when the first remarks came. Two girls (names not shown, because I'm not rude like they were) came up to me and said, "Your costume is ugly!" One girl even sang the ugly song. I was quite offended by that. I changed then, just because I couldn't deal with any more remarks like that.

But when I got back to the Pool Party a different girl came up to me and said my dimples were ugly. Dimples? Do I have pimples? No I have arrows (for a secret reason that only few know). That also hurt.

I thought Whyville was a place to learn and have fun, not get hurt. I'm a cartoon on your screen, people. Why does it matter what I look like? Why should you care to say nasty things about it? It was never like this back when I started. Everyone was really nice. Why did that have to change? Why is it that with our "bigger and better" town, the people become worse and worse?

I just hope you all think about what you say to some people next time. It does hurt.




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