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A Troubled Season

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A Troubled Season

Guest Writer

Today is Halloween... so happy Halloween! =D Actually, I don't celebrate Halloween, but that is not my topic today....

When I heard about the Hauntington House and the graveyard and all those sorts of things they had last year, I was quite excited. I wondered what it would be like this year. I only started playing Whyville this year, so I did not experience Halloween in Whyville before.

However, all my excitement disappeared as I tried to find ways to get into the house. To be truthful, I still don't know where the house is. I thought that it was at Dr. Leila's and that I need to give the password to the bird to get to the house. I think that I had the password, so I typed it out and kind of wondered what would happen next. When nothing happened, I just went inside Dr. Leila's to see whether it has been transformed or something. But all I saw was the so-called normal house and I felt disappointed.

I had no idea what to do and some people were also like me, confused about where the house was. So I tried another trick by typing in the address that I'd been told by someone. Although I am not very sure it was accurate or not, when I typed it in, it just said "Server Error" or something. Of course, I asked other people, but they either did not know where it was or they refused to even reply back.

Next year, I know that I am going to be very busy and might not come to Whyville. So, it is very disappointing for me if I am not able to go to the House. I know that maybe a sense of mystery or excitement or whatever will be lost, but they should at least tell us specifically where it is so that the others will not lose out.




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