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UNICEF, England, and Halloween

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UNICEF, England, and Halloween

Guest Writer

Hey, it's Joykissed, here to talk a little about how great Halloween is.

I know Halloween is spectacular because we get to dress up and receive candy for it, in addition to celebrating with Whyville's annual Halloween Party. However, there are other splendid aspects to Halloween.

Every year when Halloween comes around, many children receive a little orange box. This little orange box can help millions of children around the world.

This box is the UNICEF box. UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, and it helps children who are hurt or in need of medical attention. Last year my school raised fifteen hundred dollars, and since one dollar helps one child, we helped save the lives of fifteen hundred children. *Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, and it should!*

UNICEF is working to rid the world of Polio, and thanks to it, we are down to only a hundred countries where it still exists. Polio's symptoms are a lot like the flu, giving one headaches and causing you to vomit. So at first Polio may seem small, until it paralyzes you and can eventually kill you!

A great American president once had Polio -- Franklin Roosevelt, and he did not let it slow him down. Most of the world no longer has Polio because a vaccine has been made.

Polio is a virus and to prevent viruses from attacking you vaccines are made. Vaccines are made of dead viruses, and the Polio vaccine is the Sabine vaccine.

So remember, if you are given this little (but significant!) orange box, put a little money in it. LET'S ELIMINATE POLIO FOR GOOD!!!


Guest Writer

Hiya Whyville. I'm just writing this to correct TIKE on his report about Halloween in different countries. He said in his report that in England we don't trick or treat, but we do! TIKE also mentioned that we go around with a Guy Fawkes doll asking for a penny... and I would just like to say I have NEVER heard of anyone doing that in England, LoL! Maybe it's a historical thing or something.

So yeah, just to let you know, in good old England we DO dress up and we DO trick or treat! I've just been trick or treating, even though I'm a bit old for it. But I can never say no to free sweets!




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