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A Spooky Halloween Story

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A Spooky Halloween Story

Guest Writer

Have any of you ever went trick or treating and have something really spooky happen to you? I have, and that's what I wanna tell you about, just to give all of you the chills for Halloween night!!! *Shivers just thinking about it!* BRRRR!

Last year when I was trick or treating, quite a few spooky things happened to me! Do any of you think you have ghosts in your house?! Well, I sure do! It was 2:00 in the morning, and very dark in my basement. My friends and I were having a sleepover and I was playing with my witch broom when all of a sudden I felt a breeze go past me, like someone was walking by. I know it wasn't wind because no furnace, heater or fan was on, and there were no windows open! It was even scarier because it was on Halloween night!

Now, I have one more very scary story. I was trick or treating with my friends, and these guys kept driving by honking at us. It was dark, so we couldn't see anyone in the car, but we could see everyone else -- it was like there was no one in the car, and it really scared us!!! Then, it was driving by really slow besides us again, and we looked right in the car, and it was true! No one was inside it! I guess we'll never know for sure... but it really scared us, and we think there were ghosts driving the car!

Anyway, that's about all the scary stories I'm gonna tell your for tonight! I hope I spooked ya out! Hope you had a happy Halloween! Or should I say, a scary one!?!

This is Kalia25... and I am very scared, sitting down here in my basement, so I think I'm gonna go now!



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