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Ghost Story

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Ghost Story

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Okay this will be my first article and I'm going to write a story. It's about Halloween, so I hope it comes out soon! Here it goes!


"What are you doing?" I asked my little sister, Carey. There were art supplies littered all over the floor.

"I'm making a Halloween costume, for your information!" she replied. See, Carey is only 7 years old and already knows how to talk back. "I'm going to be a perdy little princess!"

"Okay, just don't let Mom find out what a mess you're making," I said as left her bedroom.

I walked down the hall and heard this strange creaking noise. It was really odd, so I followed it down the steps and into the basement. I pushed away some boxes and saw this little door about 2 feet high. I opened it and a strong breeze came out of it. There was a sudden cold feeling going through my body. I turned around and saw this blueish figure staring back! It was a ghost! I couldn't speak, my mouth fell open and I couldn't feel my feet!

"OOOO!" the ghost moaned. It flew upstairs and started wrecking the house. I finally ran up the steps and ran right through the ghost! It felt cold and wet. My sister came running down to see what was happening. She saw the ghost and ran as fast as she could back up the stairs and slammed her door shut. The ghost was rushing through the house in amazement, like it used to live there.

"Uhhh... ghost, can you please go back to your little door or something down there?" I asked. The ghost just hovered there like I said nothing. I didn't bother to try again, getting the point that he couldn't understand me. The ghost just kept knocking stuff over and admiring his work. After a while he got bored and flew back down to the basement. I ran down and shut him in.

This is the worst thing that ever happened to me. If Mom sees what happened, I'll end up like that ghost... DEAD!

I rushed around picking up everything, then went upstairs to take a nap after all my hard work. My sister was still working on her costume when our Mom came home. I never got in trouble, but I never want to go to the basement again!


So how did you guys like it? This is the quickest story I've ever written and I'm sure I will write more! So good luck to all of you and hope you had a ghost-free Halloween!



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