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Is Name Calling OK in Whyville?

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Is Name Calling OK in Whyville?

by DanceGurl
Times Reporter

Hi! This is DanceGurl here. I am sure that a lot of you Whyvillians out there have read the BBS's lately just like myself. There is some major trouble that Whyville is encountering right now! Some of our Whyvillians are calling others names that should not be used in Whyville.

If you have read the thread that City Hall wrote some time ago it said that bad language was not allowed in Whyville, and a punishment would be given if this did happen. Sure enough it did!

Dirty language is used while in the square and though y-mails! You have to remember when you are using this language not everyone is the same age as you and may not feel comfortable if you do cuss or call others names. CharlieE just wrote such a thread that I encountered.

One of our neighborly Whyvillians was asking people in the Square if they would like to be interviewed. Many said yes as usual, and when they got to the Spin Speak the person started talking dirty things. This has happened not only once! DanceBabe was in the talking to another person when the Whyvillian started calling her names that had to do with her race and questioning her religion!!!

This does not belong in Whyville and it needs to stop. Have any of you seen the people with duct tape on their face? I have and the people that had it weren't too happy. All I have to say is that they brought this upon themselves.

Please be sure to write City Hall and let her know if someone is doing something similar to you. This kind of behavior should not be allowed let alone tolarated. I hope that this article really opened all of your eyes and showed you how some people have feelings that don't need to be tampered with. Thank you.

Your Loyal Reporter,



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