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In grade 9 in Canada, there's a school subject usually called Adolescence, or in some provinces, Sex Ed, and the very first part of this study is puberty. The stat that keeps coming into my mind is that teenage girls between the age of 12 and 15 are supposed to gain weight, to help support the changes coming in their bodies (I don't think I need to go into that... =P). Scientists have dubbed this the "pudgy" stage. It depends on the person; some people don't gain as much weight as others.

In your late teens, you will eventually thin out and shed at least some of this extra fat -- that is, you will if you're not abusing your body by living off a steady diet of French fries. =D

Weighing 110 pounds in grade 9 is not a lot; there are kids our age who are actually overweight and weigh anywhere between 130 to 150 pounds (sometimes more then that). I mean no offense to anyone, especially since, depending on your height or build, this higher weight may not be a bad thing.

Just so people know, height alters your weight, and a taller person is therefore expected to be heavier because of a larger bone frame. You realize this is not always the case, seeing as some tall people can also be very slender. The media may have brainwashed us into thinking we all must be under 100 pounds and 5"2, but think about this -- most models are over 6 feet tall!

Anyway, I'm not here to preach, but I don't really trust dieting after reading about how it can branch off into bulimia or anorexia, or other dangerous disorders. Obsession with your weight could be an early symptom. What you have to remember is that all teenagers, not just girls, have insecurities. This may involve anything from your skin, hair, weight, size, voice -- anything. What you may find disgusting about yourself, other people may envy you for.

Back to dieting. Any word with 'die' in it should make you wary, I think. The smarter thing to do would be to eat healthy by trying to follow the food guide. But that sounds so hard, doesn't it?

Well, no one is saying you have to join a bunch of sports and eat nothing but veggies and fruit, right? How about walking places with your friends, instead of getting a drive to the mall or to your friends house? Or if you are really concerned, ask your mom if you could sign up at the gym with her. Jogging in the morning, not a lot of people can get motivated for that -- but a bike ride isn't so bad, is it?

Here's some food for thought: fruit and veggies are virtually fatless; you can eat ALL you want and never gain weight. Editor's Note: This is not actually true. There's more to gaining weight than eating too much fat! There's also calories, an excess of carbohydrates, and other factors you need to think about! That doesn't mean you should deny yourself treats like McDonalds and cookies -- just make sure you're not making that your sole source of food! Instead of getting a BigMac combo, a kid's meal is probably more than enough for your caloric intake, if you don't want to try a wrap or salad.

If you really insist on "dieting", which most people define as changing your daily intake of food, at least go and consult a doctor or dietician. It would be a lot healthier for you to come up with a foolproof weight-loss plan, as well as take vitamins to keep you healthy.

A few of you may have been present when in the Whyville Auditorium, a bunch of girls were using their weigh to compete with each other. They would say "I'm 12 and 68 pounds" or "Yeah, well I'm 16 and 85 pounds". It was actually quite ridiculous, and as the numbers got smaller, some people caught on and said, "Ew, that's sick!!" These girls were stretching the truth and thinking that people were amazed or impressed by them. For someone like me who was just sitting and watching, it made me wonder what exactly was wrong with these girls -- didn't they realize how stupid they sounded? Stupid isn't really the best word to describe it, I just can't think of anything else to ventilate my disgust. =S

All I can say is, if you're 16 and under ninety pounds, then something is almost certainly wrong. You may have a disease (which you neglected to mention), or are very small for your age -- but that is no reason to be such a bad influence to any little kids that may have been listening. Do you want them to think that this is right or normal? That if they are even one pound heavier than you that they're fat? And they need to diet? Who wants little kids to be preoccupied about their weight when they should be having fun?

Is being overweight hereditary? I'm not sure about that, but there is a strong debate that weight has to do with lifestyle and upbringing. What you see and what's available to you. I will say that if I go with my friends to a water park, 85% of the kids under 11 are overweight. The "new" generation, eh?

This is Liss22, out to enjoy some man-made food and not regret it.



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