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Whyville Prom 2000!

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Whyville Prom 2000!

by Silvrstar
Guest Reporter

The Whyville Prom...the biggest event in Whyville this Spring.

People are still talking about it. And that's what my article is about. People's memories of the prom. Catgirl, Lshaller and Hyrule6 decided to share their memories with me and you and even gave us some suggestions for next year.

First I asked the 3 what their favorite memory of the prom was. Catgirl answered with "My favorite thing was the pictures and partying", and Lshaller said, "The decorations were really nice", and Hyrule6 said "I liked everything".

When I asked the crew what they thought maybe could have made the prom a little more special for them, Catgirl said, " I am not sure! I think the whole thing was outstanding!" Lshaller commented, " A bigger area would have been nice. We were so squished together!" And Hyrule6 says, " It would have been cool if we had projectile drinks we could get for someone."

My last question for them was what they hoped to see at Whyville Prom 2001, and Catgirl said "More guests and possibly more decorations." Lshaller said " Yet a bigger room," and Hyrule6 answered me with "More decorations like a better backround rather than the sportplatz backround."

These citizens enjoyed the prom by the sound of it. They had fun and I hope you did too. See you at next years prom!

Prom attendees Catgirl, Lshaller, and Hyrule6



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