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Duct Tape

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Duct Tape

by amanda
Times Reporter

Hi everyone.I'm here with a report on duct tape.I'm noticing quite a few citizens with duct tape these days, which let me tell you, is not good.

Some people were getting mad at a person in the Square today, which was May 9, because he had duct tape on and they could not see it.They thought he was acting stupid and started warning him because all he could say was "Mmmmm",which is what comes out when you have duct tape over your mouth.

The message of that part was to tell the people who warned this person, who shall remain anonymous, really did have duct tape on. They didn't believe him when he came on his other name and told.

Usually, you will see this piece of grey tape slapped over the person's mouth (which looks uncomfortable). But sometimes, due to computer errors, you can't see it.

Some people thought this person was eating food. Ha. Not to sound mean, but I don't think eating requires typing. I mean, when I eat, I don't sit there and go Mmm Mmmm on the computer.

Also,I don't think there should be teasing when someone has duct tape. I mean COME ON. They can't even defend themselves against you. So please,don't tease.

Well,I'm signing off now. See you next time.


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