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The Why-Style Report: That Dreaded Look!

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The Why-Style-Report
That Dreaded Look!

by Tech-Girl
Stylish Whyvillian

Hi it's me Tech-Girl here. I'm doing a number of reports on The-Why-Style-Report. This week I'm focusing on hair.


The 'Guys' Report

After doing some research in the Whyville Directory I've found the most popular hair styles. You guys don't have much selection on your hair. I suggest you go with Dread locks. You have two colours to choose from, green or black. Black is more common and looks better on guys. But if you want to go more for a neat look go for the Moe! I know I know! Its not always used for hair but it looks fine. Wear the Moe to the big events like the Prom to look tidy.

The 'Gals' report

Unlike guys we have a lot of selection. I'll start with the cheaper stuff! If you want to look good, but you don't want to pay too much then go with Brown Wave or Robert Plant. If you want to spend a bit more money go with the Black Bob. If you want something a bit more creative, go searching at Akbars. Here are some of my favourite hair styles: Brownie Braids, Dark Brown wavy hair, really anything designed by Purple. Co or Y designers! Or if you want dreads, go with green!

Price List
Moe-3 clams
Dreads-4 clams
Brown Wave-5 clams
Robert Plant-5 clams
Black Bob-80 clams
Brownie Braids-40 clams
Dark Brown Wavy hair-24 clams
Purple.co-40-120 clams
Y designers-60-140 clams

If these prices don't meet with your budget go look in the Auction.

Tip of the week:
Don't be afraid to try new things, keep within your budget, and don't buy hair unless it suits your personality.

This is Tech-Girl, Thanx for reading.
If you have any comments please Y-mail me.



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