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Have a Heart, City Hall!

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Have a Heart, City Hall!

by NetQueen
Guest Reporter

I've been around Whyville a lot lately and I've noticed that a lot of Whyvillians are upset over having their whispering privileges taken away from them when they're in Whyville Square. I was able to get some interviews from these people, and here is what they said:

Me: So what do you think of not being able to whisper in Whyville Square?
fluffy: I think it's cruel and inhuman!
Me: Why do you think that?
fluffy: Because I think we should be able to talk privately to other people in Whyville if we want to.


Then I interveiwed CatLover:

Me: So tell me, CatLover, what do you think about this no-whisper thing?
CatLover: I think that if we want to chat to someone without everyone else hearing we should be able to.
Me: So do you want City Hall to let you whisper in the square again?
CatLover: Yes, absolutely!


Next I interviewed AngelFish:

Me: AngelFish, do you think City Hall is being fair for not letting us whisper in Whyville Square?
AngelFish: No way!
Me: Why don't you think City Hall is being fair?
AngelFish: Because I'm having a party next week and I need to be able to tell my friends about it, without everyone else hearing.


Last, but not least, I interviewed froggy200:

Me: Froggy200, what do you think of not being able to whisper in the square?
froggy200: I do not like it.
Me: Why?
froggy200: I can not talk to the people I want to.
Me: And how does that bother you?
froggy200: I do not want everyone to see what I am writing.

So there you have it, City Hall, from 4 Whyvillians(5 including me) that want to be able to whisper in Whyville Square again. So, have a heart, City Hall and let us whisper in the square again!!

Your loyal Whyville reporter,


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