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Saky's Horse

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Saky's Horse

by Moonbaby
Whyville Novelist

Here is the 1st story of my series: Moonbaby and her friends

moonbaby, Sere, Kiki13, DanceBabe, Saky, cola2000, April, Babygurl7, Sall, AlanaM, Chrissy27, creamcake, Destiny14, Beauty15

DanceBabe walked into the mall and saw Saky near the food fair, crying (Not that you would cry, Saky). Dancebabe put an arm around her, asking what was wrong. Saky explained she had lost her horse, and it was gone for 6 days already.

DanceBabe asked some of her other friends, like moonbaby, Kiki13 and Sere to help her and Saky find the horse, which was named Ginger, because Saky truly treasured this horse.

So all the afternoon, they searched for Ginger, and after dark, they still haven't found Ginger and things were getting pretty hopeless. But Kiki13 reminded them that Saky was their friend, and they shouldn't give up. So they didn't. They went to moonbaby's house for a sleepover, and the next morning, they went to search for Ginger again.

It was really windy outside. The trees were blowing, and DanceBabe lost her favorite hat.

Then, at the corner of her eye, moonbaby spotted something brown. With it were 9 girls, brushing it's mane and making the horse look beautiful. The girls ran towards Beauty15, Destiny14, creamcake, Chrissy27, AlanaM, Sall, Babygurl7, April and Cola2000.

Sere asked why they had Ginger, and the 9 girls explained that this was supposed to be Saky's birthday gift, along with a gift certificate at 'Horse Stuff R Us'. And Saky was never so touched in her whole life.

"Oh thank you SO much guys! I love you guys! Ginger looks Gorgeous!" Saky said.

The13 girls walked to moonbaby's house, and Saky, the 14th one, well, she traded that $50 gift certificate in for cash and spent it all on clothes.

That's all for now, check out how Sall loses a lot when she runs for class president in the next story, President Sall.

See you all, friends, and may God bless all of you!

P.S. If you have any ideas about the next stories, please y-mail me at whyville. Thanx!


The cast: moonbaby, sere, Kiki13, DanceBabe, Saky, cola2000, April, Babygurl7, Sall, AlanaM, Chrissy27, creamcake, Destiny14, Beauty15


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