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AbilityFirst Rec Room

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AbilityFirst Rec Room

Guest Writer

I was just logging onto Whyville to check my mail and get my salary, as usual. I didn't have to get sent to the Waiting Room because I have a Why-Pass, but that's not my point. After the screen was done loading, I saw a new message at the top titled, "AbilityFirst Rec Room Grand Opening!" I quickly scrolled my mouse up to the message. It read:

    "The AbilityFirst Rec Room opens this week in Whyville! It's a brand new place for hanging out and playing games. What games do you want there? Pool? Dominoes? Checkers? Visit the Rec Room and vote for your favorite!"

    As excited as I was, I quickly clicked the link to the new Rec Room. It took me to the outside overview of the Rec Room. It is a very colorful building. I scrambled to find the door that leads to the inside of the Rec Room, then clicked it about twenty times. I was so excited to see the new chat room in Whyville! As the screen was loading, I trembled with excitement.

    I finally reached the Rec Room. It was also very colorful, with purple and blue walls with swirly designs and ceilings of orange, pink, yellow, and red bubble figures. It is so cool! In the corner there is a young boy sitting in a wheelchair. The boy is saying different things; one is that AbilityFirst is a place to help disabled children. I have an idea that AbilityFirst has maybe sponsored Whyville, but I'm still not sure. Maybe I haven't explored the Rec Room and the outside enough yet.

    All in all, I really like the new hangout. Thanks Whyville, and Ability First!



    Guest Writer

    Hey! fellow Whyvillians! I just voted for the AbilityFirst Rec Room game! How exciting to have a new room added to Whyville! It's perfect, because there must be disabled people on Whyville and this is showing our love for all people.

    While I was in the new rec room exploring the great bright colors, I was reading what the boy in the wheelchair had to say. It was great. Then I voted, and went back into the room to look around again.

    I was saddened the second time I entered. I saw a fellow Whyvillian saying "Hahahah... he's in a wheelchair!!" I was very disturbed, because people shouldn't be looked at differently because they might have disabilities! They should be looked at the same as the rest of us. Who knows, one day there might be an accident and you might become disabled, too.

    All I'm saying is that this room should be visited by all and you should always have an open mind on all people. Be nice. Be considerate. And thanks for reading!

    This is Hop3LeSs, signing off with a different respect for people! Bye!



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