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Who Is This MediaWiz Guy?

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Who Is This MediaWiz Guy?

Guest Writer

I don't understand how the heck this happened! I was reading the Times like I do everyday, even if it is the same issue, and I was checking out the Archives and I spotted MediaWiz's articles. Because I had never read it before, I decided to check it out for fun.

Boy was I in for it! MediaWiz has been in every issue for as long as I can remember (which isn't very long, but it was a while, I assure you). I expected him to be wearing a ton of good stuff, for he had been going here for a long time, but it turns out, he looked like a newbie!

He had no clothes, no hair, no face parts! I was really, really surprised.

After getting over the shock, I decided to check him out at City Records. What I found was unbelievable, for a minute anyway. It turns out he has not been in Whyville for a long, long time. The last time MediaWiz was in Whyville was January 31st, and yet he has an article in every issue!

Unless he waits in the waiting room everyday, writes an article and leaves, works at Whyville, or at least helps make it great, which he very well may do, then I'm just getting confused for nothing!

*sigh* This is Positive being very confused, oh, and signing off, for your pleasure, and mine. *oh, I need a nap


Editor's Note: MediaWiz is indeed a City Worker. Check out his current article this week, in which he announces the start of his Media Hour, a sort of television show-of-the-week club. Maybe you'll actually see him on Whyville now! :)



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