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A Thoughtful Adieu

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A Thoughtful Adieu

Times Writer

I once read a book which talked about a boy who fell in love with a girl. (Actually, I've read several books with that plot.) But, this book stands out in my memory for the particular reason that the girl's house was named Adieu and I agree in full when he wondered why "Good-bye" wasn't enough. And sometimes it just makes sense.

When I first joined Whyville, I was SO lost! But I can remember being so excited on my fifth day, when I could start chatting. I finally had somebody to help me figure things out! You see, I've never been the "popular" one at school. I stick to my books and make my grades my highest priority... but that isn't to say I'm without friends. I have enough of those. But here was a chance to talk to people from EVERYWHERE!

I soon discovered what is, in my opinion, the best part of Whyville: the Whyville Times. I was so proud when my first article got published, because the people in my class had always given me a hard time about my writing. I felt like I had zip chance of getting anything published. And it just grew from there... I could write about anything, and it was so easy!

But who have I really made friends with? Sure there's the odd "face" that says "Oh, you're Giggler01! I love your articles!" But none of my friends from "Back in the day" come on enough to talk to me. And everyone else has their little cliques and groups. It's not just newbies that get cut.

I've been bogged down with homework and projects for school. And what used to be my escape is now just stress. Most of the time I spend on Whyville is used answering Why-mail Helper letters. And there's the repetitive drone of, "I'm sorry, I'm not City Hall I can't help you with your report problems. I can't untape you", "I'm not here to give relationship advice" and the ever so popular "It's not my job as a Why-Mail helper to give clams to you, but I can help you out," only to be bickered at.

And my chance to really get thinking and inspired seems to be no more. When I read the Times now it lasts me but a few minutes, but I don't think this is the Editor's fault. I'll skim over the articles that seem to drag on and never really seem to draw to a conclusion. And I see one person saying something should happen, although it already is happening in Whyville. I don't feel an inspiration to write about anything at all.

And today I realized what Adieu really means. While you might be saying "good-bye", it's not always forever. It's like saying good-bye to your cottage for the winter. But coming back in the spring for a short stay.... Kind of like Googles. And that's what I've decided to do. I've decided to drift away.

From now on I will seldom be submitting articles to The Times and I would like to take the opportunity to tell people that I won't provide next-day answers to your Why-mail questions.

I've grown up, that's all there is to it. I'd like to write a book that gets published and I have all the faith in the world that I can do it. But I also have say that there's an entire world out there... and it's so fascinating. I'm taking photography and pottery classes; currently I'm out there learning things and meeting new people. Who could decline something like that?

Everyone grows older sooner or later, and today's my day.

Been There. Doing It.



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