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The Great Help Invasion

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The Great Help Invasion

Idunnoe Supervisor

TO: All Idunnoe Spy Cadets at Idunnoe Spy Training School, Planet Idunnoe

MISSION: To go to an island called Whyville, on Planet Earth, and spy upon its citizens to learn more about its people.

FROM: Faerie101, Supervisor

Good day, all Idunnoe spy cadets. I am sure you I have already informed you of the mission. I have always been pleased with all of your performances and I expect all of you to work hard for the mission. As you know, if you succeed well, you will pass the course and become an official spy; if not, you will fail. That is why I am helping all of you now and giving you pointers.

The most important thing anywhere is money. In Whyville, their currency is called clams. I shall teach all of you how to blend in and earn the money (we will not be providing it for you).

The easiest way to get your first 8 clams in salary is to go to House of Illusions. There is weird and wacky stuff inside the gallery. For every room you explore, you earn one more clam.

Next is the Sun Spot puzzle. You can raise your salary 5 clams by submitting the correct answer for a particular day and time (you get a trophy too). Follow this with the Skater Game. Yep, spin the skater around as fast as you can and you'll get 5 more clams in your salary!

Okay, I have told you how to earn 18 clams in daily salary -- the rest you'll have to figure out yourself (another easy one is the Alien Rescue Game -- you get 12 clams from it).

To blend in well, you must have an appropriate disguise. If you are poor or very broke, go to a certain person called Grandma. She will give you "face parts" (if she has any). If not, go to "Akbar's Face Mall" and shop for your face parts. I hear that you can design your own face parts, for a fee.

If you are lucky, you can get a plot at the Land Office in one of the towns (truthfully, I think that the names of the towns and streets are very boring). From there, you buy bricks to build your house and decorate the interior with furniture and the usual stuff. Other people can live in your house, too. This will complete your masquerade.

Of course, don't forget the most important rule of spying: do not attract attention to yourself by saying rude or vulgar words! There is sort of a filter system and if you say something wrong, the tape wraps itself 'round your mouth.

I wish all of you the best in your mission. Take Faerie Shuttle 101 at 10 o'clock sharp tomorrow. Do not laze there! May "I dun noe" be with you.

Your Supervisor,
!~) faerie101 (~!



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