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Clam Talk

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Clam Talk

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Hello. I'm here to talk about clams today, because I see SOOO many people complaining about them.

Some people think we should get an unreasonable amount of clams (such as 1,000,000...) automatically when you sign in to Whyville. But just think how hard that would be on Whyville's computers, and how boring Whyville would then be, after:

  • People would earn too much and have sooo many clams that they wouldn't know how to spend it because they would already have everything they would ever want.
  • People would rapidly start making dances and face parts, which would fill up Akbar's Face Mall and the Dance Studio, making it incredibly tough for Akbar to keep track of everything, and then most of them wouldn't get accepted. Editor's Note: And Akbar would probably have an aneurism!

Some of you still need a little convincing. Let's talk about our salaries. Think about real life. Your parents get a job and work to earn a pay check; we log on as our work to get our salary. Our parents don't do their work? Then no paycheck. Whyvillians don't log in, then no salary. Make sense?

And how many people in real life get loads of money every day? Very few. And what do they do with it? Well, I'm not rich, so I don't know. But in Whyville I am. I have about 4,000 clams. Now, I don't keep it all for myself. That is way too much for me to spend, so once in a while I buy some face parts and donate it to newbies. I also make face parts which helps Whyville beauty. ^_^ So what I am trying to say here is that if you are rich, don't hog all of it to yourself; share it. I mean, what else are you going to do with it?

Still need convincing? Well, then you have a serious clam problem. Maybe you are a newbie with 4 clams and you want a high salary and lots more clams to strengthen your look. So you start asking Whyville for it? No way! Someday you will learn to earn what you deserve, not just get what you want for no reason at all.

Before I leave, I must say that I saw this problem in the petitions section of Whyville. Yes, I spot out many problems there, and this one was a biggy. But I hope you have learned something. C ya!!!




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