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Sponsorship Problem

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Sponsorship Problem

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Hey, it's me, QUISP!

I've been writing letters/emails to several places hoping to find a company that is willing to sponsor Whyville, but there are problems with that. Companies want to make a definite profit from it! Companies are companies and everybody has to make money (there are some companies out there who are NOT quite so greedy, but it's hard to find them, LOL).

I've even given companies ideas of potential games that may possibly be developed. I've found that companies only wish to invest in sites that have MILLIONS of people visiting them! Editor's Note: That's often true, even though the visitors to those sites only stay for a few minutes, while Whyvillians stay in Whyville for an average of an hour at a time! Another problem with sponsors is many companies probably would like ads to be added to Whyville, which may sound great... but do you really want a bunch of pop-ups when you enter Whyville?

Ads pose another threat: parents may not allow their children go on the website because of the fear that the ads would "poison" their children's minds with subliminal messaging and force them to buy their stuff... Trust me, I know parents like that, it's creepy....

There are several more reasons why companies don't want to invest in Whyville. Perhaps one letter from somebody will impress someone *crosses fingers*. Anyway, I'll keep trying, and I advise you all to do the same...

Until then, we'll just have to stick with Why-Passes.



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