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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

The Solstice Safari continues this week. If you haven't signed up for it yet, there's still time, but not much. Kiki says close to 200 brave explorers have signed up already, and she is pretty maxed out. So if you want to get in on the action, you are going to have to hustle.

The Furniture Farm has also asked me to make a special announcement: bedroom furniture! Designer bedroom furniture, by Etrnl *, is on sale! Quantities are limited, so visit the Farm today.

And of course, like always, the Times offers scintillating articles for your enjoyment. This week, contributors include DanceGurl, Tami324, Etrnl *, telalicod, pikachu66, kabby1 and more. Read the tale of the CLAW! by Natalia, fiona, and sixrock and see if it doesn't inspire you to send in some artwork for the Times Gallery,

Lastly, let me remind all you creative minds out there that the Whyville Genesis Contest is still open. Contestants in the running so far are Kelly, Tami324, Peeves, and AHHHHHHH, but you can be a part of this as well. Need I emphasize that there are prestige and prizes involved?

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