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Drink Milk, Love Life!

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Drink Milk, Love Life!

Health Writer

Do you know how important milk is for your body? Very important!

I am here to talk about milk. Most children aren't getting the amount of calcium they are supposed to be getting. Everyone should be drinking three 8 oz. glasses each day, and the more the better. Also packed with calcium are many other milk products like yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, and frozen yogurt. You should be getting 3-4 servings of milk products each day, to keep your bones strong and healthy.

If you think you aren't getting enough calcium each day, I have a few suggestions on how to get more of it.

At Home

  • Start off your day with a bowl of cereal with milk.
  • Make hot cereals with milk instead of water.
  • Make a low fat milk shake made with 1% milk and a frozen banana; you can also toss in a few strawberries.
  • Boost your day's calcium with milk-based desserts such as pudding or custard.
  • Simmer creamy soups made with milk on the stove.
  • Relax with a warm cup of milk.

On the Run

  • Order milk instead of soft drinks while eating out at a restaurant.
  • Choose to buy milk at school for lunch instead of soda or fruit juice.
  • Pack yogurt in your lunch along with a sandwich for lunch.
  • Put some cheese on your sandwich.

If your school doesn't sell lots of milk products, contact your principal and ask if she could possibly get some.

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