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Attention All New Whyvillians!

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Attention All New Whyvillians!

by DanceGurl
Times Reporter

Hello! My name is DanceGurl. This article is for all those new Whyvillians out there who may be confused about Whyville. This will help you have a better time and understanding of what Whyville is all about.

To begin with, Whyville has many games in store for you all. The Spin Lab (purple and red building) is only one of the places. In the Spin Lab you can do a variety of things such as play the Skater Game or the Spin Game, go in to The Hall of Brains where high scores are honored, or the Geek Speak Lounge where you can check out the bulletin board or chat. The Spin Lab can be located in two ways, one from Whyville Square or two from your bus.

The House of Illusions is also another attraction to Whyville. This place contains the gallery and another Geek Speak. In the gallery you can earn eight clams just by walking through it. You also want to visit the Tiki Tours. This is the place where you can go on expeditions with many other Whyvillians. You can also earn clams by doing this too. Right now Tiki Tours is hosting a Treasure Hunt.

Some of the things you probably will want to do right when you go into Whyville is visit the land office where you can pick a plot to build your house upon. Don't get frustrated though if they are out of plots, just try to revisit them when you can to check to see if there are any more neighborhoods.

Once you have picked a plot, you can go to the House Builder and build your own house with the bricks provided. If you run out of a certain brick you need you can stock up at the Brick Emporium. After that you left with one thing: to decorate the inside. You can buy furniture at the Furniture Farm.

There are plenty of other things you can do around Whyville. If you have any questions or comments please let me know by Y-mailing me!




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