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Solemn Remembrance Day

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Solemn Remembrance Day

Times Writer

November 11th is a very solemn day -- a day for remembrance of those who have died in wars, fighting for the freedom of Canadians; and the freedom of the world.

Although dedicated to remembering the fighters of WWI and WWII, there are several other wars in which Canadian soldiers have been lost (not to mention thousands of young soldiers from other countries). This day means so much more. It is a time for remembering those innocent victims of war, and reflecting on what you can individually do to make the world a better place for all.

In Canada, we wear poppies to symbolize our remembrance of those Canadians who have been lost in wars and peace-keeping operations around the world. The American Legion has also adopted the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.

The poppy was officially adopted as that symbol in 1921 -- this decision was almost undoubtedly influenced by Lieutenant John McCrae, the writer of "In Flanders Fields"

I leave you now, to read this wonderful poem -- written by a man who was said to have the eye of a gunner, hand of a surgeon, and heart of a poet...

In Flanders Fields



unknown author
Whyville Poet

Have you ever thought why we wear poppies and why,
On the eleventh people Cry,
And how we're here,
It's because many men fought with fear.

No one likes the war,
Probably because there's always one more.

I know I'll never want to go into war,
But in the end they'll have one soldier more.



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