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Holiday Season 2002

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Holiday Season 2002

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It's been just over a year since the horrific events of September 11th last year. Although we all have our own stories to tell about that awful day, I'm going to share mine with you, in hopes of giving you some perspective for the upcoming holiday season.

My second period class had just begun- I was in Language Arts with my best friends. We were all laughing, and joking -- how ironic that in only a few short minutes, I would be close to complete hysterics. My teacher had the TV turned on, with CNN on in the background. All of the sudden, something caught my eye -- I saw the plane hit the first tower.

I realized it was not a movie or prank and was dumbfounded. Just as the second plane hit the second tower -- my thoughts were interrupted by a painful realization. My brother, a police officer in New Jersey (which is very close to New York), was on duty. I lost my breath for a few moments before I was able to ask for a pass to the bathroom. Cell phones are prohibited on school campus, but I carry one with me just as everyone else does. I sprinted to a stall and dialed my brother's cell phone number. Seconds passed as he didn't answer.

Tears rolled down my face as I dialed my mother's work number. I was almost unable to breathe at that point. She answered and I demanded to know if my brother was okay! She assured me everything was fine, and then we disconnected after a few minutes of her trying to calm me down. After I turned the phone off, I stood there in the bathroom just thinking about what my life would have become if my brother had gone into New York upon the first tower's collapse. My brother's wife was pregnant at that time, and I wondered about my soon-to-be niece. I was so happy that my brother was safe, and at that very moment, I realized how lucky I am.

The point of my account of 9/11 was not to scare you, or to inflict any painful memories of your own upon you -- no, this was to hopefully make you realize how fortunate all of you are. With the holidays quickly approaching, just realize that in an hour -- or even an instant -- anything and everything that you love could be gone. Take full advantage of the holidays to show those you love how much you really do love them. I'm not saying to buy them an expensive gift -- just give them a hug, and tell them how much you care.

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