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Restriction, Confinement, and Conformity

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Restriction, Confinement, and Conformity

Times Writer

All I wanted was some peace and quiet, but NOOO! We all have to be right! All I wanted was a break from boring homework! But NOOO!! We all have a problem with someone and we have to make it public, don't we? Because that's the way it works, right? We're all so full of ourselves that nothing anyone says could even be remotely true!

I'll tell you why I'm mad, it's because of all the fighting that goes on in Whyville. In the Sportplatz, people are arguing about who copied who's look. And in the Playground someone's doing some obnoxious thing. And in the Pool Party people are claiming that no one can be punk properly, but preps are lame, all the same. And some girl is asking another girl if she's pregnant or just fat. Can you understand why I'm mad?

I'm working on a history of Canada at War and when I come to Whyville, all people are doing is fighting! I mean, after reading about the millions of deaths, all I need is some more pathetic fighting. And over what?

Well, one person says that punk can't be a person. And another person says that Avril Lavigne's lame and that she isn't really punk. Some guy is "*punching*" another girl. And then somebody starts singing Avril Lavigne. And then a girl comes in and asks if her hat looks okay and soon there's a fight over that. The funny thing is, people are now starting to ask me what MY problem is because I said, "Punk can be a style. What's wrong with that?" Well, excuse me for having the nerve to say anything.

The sad thing is that there's someone in the corner of the Pool Party while all of this goes on, saying that no one will be nice to him, so even though he's still a newbie, he's quitting Whyville.

Gee. I wonder why.

In the spring and early summer, the Whyville Safety Patrol was introduced to Whyville, in the hopes that Whyville would become safer. Being on the patrol, I can tell you what a Safety Patroller does: we have a special tool for the highest priority reports, but we are still supposed to use the regular 911 report tool when the problem isn't that bad, just like everyone else.

Even though I'm on the Patrol, I can't do anything to stop fights. And ever since the spring, I've wanted to see a change in this. I see fights on Whyville more and more frequently. No one seems to have manners anymore. No one wants to include anyone new. It's the same old song that's been sung before.

City Workers have never addressed problems of fights, and I feel that now is a better time then ever. What are we supposed to do, as citizens, when we see huge fights going on? I mean, the silence tool doesn't do anything for anyone but ourselves, and when the person comes back to the room, the problem starts all over again. And it doesn't seem like 911 is appropriate for such a problem.

At my school, the problem kids have a white room (the Time-Out Room). If a child gives attitude or fights, they get to spend time in this white room until they settle down. (And then there's a similar room in my principal's office). Almost like a jail. Would City Workers ever consider something like that? And would they consider giving members of the Safety Patrol the power to put people in there for 5-15 minutes? (If a Patroller files one false report, they are kicked off the squad, so this could happen in the same way.)

If a person looking to sponsor Whyville were in the Pool Party at the time of a fight, how would Whyville look to them? Would their money really be worth it?

Well, I've got to get back to my war history, so I'm signing out.

Giggler01... *computer noises* *beep* beep*... signed off.


Editor's Note: I think this could be a great step towards curbing the most excessive arguments in Whyville. Can you also think of a way of rewarding those folks who help to calm down arguments? That would be nice, too.

On other websites, the more intense fights are called "flame wars", and are held in check by 24/7 monitoring by adults... do you folks who argue so freely now want to see Whyville turn into a police state, where a single cross phrase earns you severe punishments? Hmmm....

During this time of the year, City Hall gets really busy with all the seasonal changes, but I'll be sure she reads this article when it's published -- I may be able to get it onto that eternal "To Do" list she carries around with her. And then, we'll see... :)

Times Editor



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