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Learning About Worth

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Learning About Worth

Guest Writer

Hey, people of Whyville, I have a story to tell to you....

One day, this girl (who just happened to be me) was looking through the Archives in the Times. She had read the article by Vanilla in May called "The Return of Vanilla" in which a Whyville veteran came back to talk to us all. Now, this girl looked up all of Vanilla's articles and found that not only was she a veteran, she helped to shape Whyville and wrote countless articles.

While reading the titles of all these she found more serious topics such as Eating Disorders and Depression. There was also an article about City Hall going on strike. "What's that?" you say. That's what she said, too. She then realized how much City Hall actually did for the citizens of Whyville and how little they appreciate her!

Now, if all of us could just appreciate City Hall a bit more I'm sure all this work she does for us would make it much more worth while for her. This article I'm writing may not have much of a subject but it's about something you should all know. Thanks for readin'!



Note: You probably won't see me on Whyville very much anymore. I regret to say that I am, I think, getting too old for Whyville *sniff sniff* and will probably not have enough time now that I'm into high school and have so much homework. My goal on Whyville was to become a Times Writer and to meet new people. I have achieved one of them at least. I will write for the times every so often. I hope you get as much fun out of Whyville as I did! City Hall, you are awesome!



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