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Unaccepted Bodies

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Unaccepted Bodies

Fashion Writer

Earlier today I thought of writing an article about my "unaccepted" shirts, how Akbar rejected some shirts I designed, out of the blue. And here it is!

Of course, when I first saw the dreaded words "Face Factory Refund", I kind of get a sinking feeling. I read through the y-mail, or rather, I skimmed through it. I had made quite a number of parts before this, so sometimes it is hard to remember each design I make. Based on his reply, I thought that Akbar meant that I had revealed a not-to-be-revealed part of the body while making the shirt. But I knew that I did not bare any stomachs or anything offensive in the shirts. So I was rather upset, as I had spent a fair amount of time thinking about the design... only to get it rejected. That was the reason why originally I decided to write this article; kind of as a protest, as I thought that I did not break any rule.

Still, I decided to read the y-mails again before writing. Reading carefully, I began to realize something: Akbar did not mean that I had done anything wrong except draw out the waist, the hips etc.! Then another realization (now you know how stupid I am!) -- that will most likely mean that Akbar is not going to accept any more shirts that have a body (waist onwards?).

After telling a long story, my point is now told, LoL. I have a feeling maybe it has something to do with the fact the some girls are wearing a sort of stomach thing over their shirts, making it look as though they are wearing, uh, a short shirt. And so, to curb the wearing of the stomach, they stopped accepting those shirts with bodies. It's only a feeling, so I'm not sure.

I know that if what I said is really true, I am going to be very, very disappointed. I remembered making a guys' shirt (with body) 3 times (same pattern) just because my computer had some problem during the first 2 times. I had thought that I could be happy that my first guys' shirt was sent successfully, but now after all the "hard work" (anyway, it took me at least half hour and one and half hour to make it) it's very upsetting to know that it is not going to be approved.

Hoping that someone will tell her whether it is true or not and why,


Editor's Note: This is partly true. Whyville has pretty much always been a "head and shoulders only" town -- Akbar's just getting off his tush and being more strict about it. ;) If that disappoints you, be glad he doesn't flash back to when we started with faces -- there were NO BODIES at all then! Just faces! Yeowza! :)



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