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The Last Frontier: Mercury

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The world's last frontier is space, the most outer reaches known to man. Now, each week for 11 more weeks, I will report on something of interest from the realms of space.

by Etrnl *
Space Explorer

The Last Frontier: Mercury

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and the hottest planet in our system. Mercury has a diameter of around 5,000 kilometers. Its diameter in miles is around 3,000 miles. To the right, you can see Mercury's diameter in relation to Earth's. As the caption of the picture says, Mercury's diameter is around 38% of the diameter of Earth.

Mercury is a light brown planet. Here you can see Mercury's symbol. : a circle, with a half-circle on top, and a cross on bottom.

As I have said, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and around one of the hottest.To the right side of the screen, you can see that not only does the sun heat Mercury, but Mercury, itself, also has a hot molten core.

Mercury has a crust, mantle, and an iron core, just like Earth does. However, Earth has a thick atmosphere that, together with its crust, allows plants to grow, giving off oxygen and serving as food. Mercury however cannot support life.

Here's the overall of this report:

The closest planet to the sun.
The hottest planet.
Brown with a rocky landscape.
Thin atmosphere.
No plants.
Cannot support life.

Everything you need to know about THE LAST FRONTIER: MERCURY.

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