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Looking Back: A Halloween Tour

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Looking Back: A Halloween Tour

Guest Writer

Did everyone go to the Hauntington House? I bet they did, because mostly everyone was there. Did you read the scroll??

I figured out all of the mysteries of the Hauntington House. Here are the answers to the scroll to help others find out the cool parts of the cool Hauntington House! This is my helpful Halloween Tour!

Now, let's get lost in the graveyard of doom. There is a monster in the tree that takes you to each part of the graveyard. There are two sections... in Graveyard One you can find a ghost if you click near the tree, and a spider crawling from the cross to the other gravestone, and if you wait in that part of the grave, music will come on. The yummy witch's brew is in Graveyard Two, and pumpkins fall from the sky there.

On to the inside of the Hauntington House. There is a spider that moves on the mat; its web spells welcome! And the monster eyes lead to the door. All of this is cool... wait for the ghouly kitchen!

In the ghouly kitchin the green ghost appears if you move your cursor to the wine bottle, the head on the plate flicks a pea if you click the spider, you see your creepy reflection at the right-middle seat, the hidden exit is ...., and you log out if you click the bird in the window. On to the stairs.

The stairs of infinity is a complete mystery! You don't actually know how many flights there are. I think it is infinite. You find cool projectiles along the stairs, such as spiders, maggots, eyes, pumpkins, canes, tinsel, and pumpkins. Now, on to the dark room of horror....

The dark room of horror has 4 pairs of eyes lurking around, watching your every move. There are also two secrets you need to know before you go any further: on one side is the exit to the hall, and hidden somewhere else in the room is the logout button.

Well, there is all you need to know about the Haungtinton House and about the scroll secrets. Here is your tour guide Whygal00, for the freakiest house of all, Hauntington House!!

Well, my shift is up, amigos. Happy trick-or-treatin' around Whyville!!! (Askin' to be hit with projectiles!)

~Your Local Tour Guide, Whygal00~



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