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A Perfect Christmas

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A Perfect Christmas

Whyville Poet
Here is a poem I wrote. I thought by showing you this poem the point I am about to make can be recognized much more clearly.

A Perfect Christmas

A beautiful tree with ornaments and lights bottom to top.
Ornaments of every size and color,
Big or Small; Red or Green.
Under the tree on this Christmas morn,
is where all the child's gift are found,
Big ones, small ones, some with bows,
A note on each reading ho ho ho.
With giant happy eyes the paper is torn,
All filled with rejoice on this Christmas morn.
Parents smile gladly as their sons and daughters open gifts,
Left to them beneath the tree from old Saint Nick.
Carolers outside sing songs to set the mood
And people gather to hear these tunes
Jesus our lord was born on this day
Maybe just maybe he will come again... someday...
MeRrY cHrIsTmAs

Now, for the educational part of my article:

The family enjoying Christmas in the poem above is not how every person or family celebrates their Christmas holiday. In fact, there are many children who don't have parents or people who don't have families, and they spend this lovely holiday alone. There are people near this time out on the streets, begging for money to buy food and drink to survive. Around the Christmas season there are people who die from the cold weather simply because they don't have the right clothing to keep warm.

When I'm in the downtown area of my home city, and see a man women or child on the street I offer to bring them to the nearest shelter. Once a month I work each time at a different shelter so I am familiar with the owners of the different shelters. I'll give them the money just so the people may stay there nice and warm with a meal twice a day until spring.

It's sad how people in the world with great riches don't care about the needy as much as they could. I'll admit I don't come from a very wealthy family, but I still do my best to help others in need.

- My point -

Not everyone has a perfect Christmas like the one described in my poem above. To make your Christmas more enjoyable, help someone in need. Although you shouldn't only lend a helping hand near Christmas... help throughout the year! But mostly around Christmas -- it being the Birth of our Lord (for Christians), it's what he wants us to do!

Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year!!!

-love always,



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