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You Try To Be Serious

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You Try To Be Serious

unknown author
Whyville Poet
You try to be serious,
write a letter from your heart
still I act immature and respond with a fart
you tell me to act my age
I ignore you like you don't mean anything
act up and fool around
you sit there not making a sound
you think I'll never change
I try to prove you wrong but your right
I will admit defeat, I don't want to fight
Maybe I should try harder
but being immature is like a part of me
it is the way I like to be
I don't mean to sound rude
But all I've said is true
this probably doesn't mean anything to you
I will always be immature
if you can't accept the way I am
then I will spray you with SPAM
that is my immature side
why can't you just let it slide
I can act mature too
I just choose not to
Maybe I act like a fool in front of you
but that is what I like to do
if you don't like it,
I will try to change
but I'm not guaranteeing anything.



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