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Who Can You Trust?

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Who Can You Trust?

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In response to Liss22 and Piker's article, I'd like to say that I agree 100% with their visions on the aspect of dating and marriages on Whyville. It's totally insane! I mean, come on, odds are you don't even know these people, and they don't know you. For all you know your "love" could be a hardened criminal or someone just trying to get information. Believe me, it's happened before. Don't think I'm crazy.

Why not try for a relationship in real life if you're that desperate? It's probably a ton better, considering you know what this guy or girl looks like, what he or she acts like, what they like to do. Wouldn't you rather know definite stuff rather than having to guess?

I'll just portray a conversation I saw in the pool one day, quite awhile ago.

B: Hey good-looking.
G1: Hey yourself.
B: U single?
G1: Maybe.
B: Don't play hard to get
G1: Ya, I'm single.
B: Wanna go with me?
G1: U bet.

(exit girl):

Exactly 1 minute later (this is the same guy)...

B: Well, hello.
G2: Hi.
B: Are you free?
G2: Yep.
B: Wanna get married?
G2: Sure.
B: Great, sweetie.
G2: When?
B: As soon as possible.

Think that's bad enough? What makes it worse is that that same guy then started whispering and hitting on me. Of course, I let him have it, considering I had seen what he'd been doing.

Seriously, the guy was a sleaze? Since I'm not mentioning names, how do you know that that's not your boyfriend I was talking about?

All I'm saying is, is it worth it?

As always,



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