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Speaking My Mind

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Speaking My Mind

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Hey, skaterone here to talk to you about something that has been brought to my attention for some time now... but lately I have learned to speak my mind, so here it goes.

Whyville is a great place to talk to old friends and make new friends, but I think going out with someone isn't right, and I think when people get married it's just plain stupid. I don't mean to offend you, but if you would just think about it. You could be dating (or married to) a 900-pound guy or girl even an alien (there's no way of knowing, is there?).

Yes, I do know some of you know the person that you go out with from school or wherever, and I think that's ok. This is more for people who say, "Press 123 if you think I'm hot (singel guys only)." When someone says 123 and you ask them out and they say yes, who are you really going out with, a criminal?? How do you know?

So I just wanna make this clear: you have no way of knowing who it is behind that screen. It could be a guy, girl, adult, kid, alien, criminal, or even a clown. I hope you think about that the next time you ask someone out or get married or call your date 'sweety' or 'sugar lips' (I dunno why you would, but it's your choice). I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just saying that you might want to think about it. Is your date really who you think he or she is??

Now I'm going to interview one person and then I will go. Okay, here it goes...

I have interviewed Candycool (I interviewed her at school.)

Me: Hey, so what do you think about dating on Whyville?
Candycool: I think it's cute.
Me: Why??
Candycool: Because, I dunno, it's just coo....
Me: But how...?
Candycool: Your b/f (or g/f) buys you gifts and is usually really sweet.
Me: But what if you're dating a 7-year old?
Candycool: Then dump him.
Me: Thank you for the interview.
Candycool: N/p (no problem).

This is skaterone, signing out. Bye-bye for now.



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