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Still Waiting

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Still Waiting

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Hey, this is angel8923, writing my 3rd article for this issue and hoping and praying they all get accepted (they never do). =\.

This article regards the food that is coming to Whyville. It sounds like a great idea. But I have a few questions about it, and I'm sure (hoping) that other citizens want to know the answer to these simple questions.

1. When exactly is the food coming? I've been hearing about it for months and nothing yet. Although, I'm aware of the severe stress you guys are going through, so I won't bug you too much about that. :)

Answer: The current schedule has the nutrition activity beginning just in time for New Year's. We'll see -- a lot of stuff still has to happen for that, but we're hopeful.

2. Will our characters get fat, or thin? I've heard some rumors about that, so I was just wondering if these exciting ideas are true. If they are, remember kids, don't eat too much chocolate! :) LoL.

Answer: You'll want to watch your weight, your caffeine intake, and several other factors, from vitamins to calories and on. It won't be as complex as real life health and fitness, but it's a good start, and if things go well, we may have a sponsor for "Nutrition 2.0" in a few months!

3. What about the people who do not have enough clams to purchase food? I sure hope they don't starve! Maybe you could start them off with a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for about a week or so until they get started?

Answer: We are currently planning on making the nutrition game an optional activity. So when you have enough clams to play, you can go right ahead. If you remain healthy for a week or two at a time, you'll get a clam bonus which should be more than enough to make up for the expense of the food. :)

Well, that's all! I hope this article gets published... YAY! I GOT ONTO WHYVILLE! :D. LOL. I'm going to go now, bye! And remember to keep asking questions!



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