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A Different Thing

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A Different Thing

Guest Writer

Hi people. Many of you might have asked yourself, why didn't smileNOW respond more to all those articles about her interview with QUISP? Well, I just want to let you know I have! I've written a very important article about the subject... but the Editor is not going to publish it. Probably because it includes a strongly religious opinion, I think. But all my opinions are religious!

I'm a Christian; everything I do is done by a Christian in my most Christian manner, and it's very obvious to me that the Times Editor has a problem with that. So, I'll try to make this message a little different than that other article I submitted (as you can tell, I'm not very happy with you, Mr. Times Man).

Anyway! Let's get on with the article. As I write this (mid-November), there's finally a new Hot Topics section out, and I read all of the articles in the section. I have a lot to say about all of them, but I will try to make this article as brief as possible.

The article that I'm responding to mostly is Preference Shouldn't Condemn You, by rob4466. The author of this article is gay and has a totally different opinion than me, and just to let you know, I respect that. A lot of articles have been saying stuff like these lines from "Preference Shouldn't Condemn You":

    "I know this may sound like a redundant thought, but you WOULDN'T make fun of someone if they were African-American, Jewish, or any other ethnic background, would you?"

Being gay is totally different than your race or ethnic background. Being gay is like being a different religion, in my opinion. No, I don't make fun of anyone because of their choices or races. But thinking that someone's lifestyle is wrong is NOT making fun. It's simply holding an opinion.

As a Christian, I think all other religions are lies -- not to be so harsh, but it's true. That's what I believe. To me, my religion is the ONLY Absolute Truth, and no one can change that. Many of you Whyvillians believe things like this, do you not? Be honest with yourselves.

Just like choosing your religion is a CHOICE, your lifestyle is a CHOICE! I believe it is natural for animals (especially mammals) to feel attracted to the opposite sex; we see it in nature all the time, don't we? So doesn't it make sense that the only animals with the ability to make choices will?

Homosexuals make that choice, because that is not a natural lifestyle. Race, and ethnic background are NOT our choices... so for someone to compare the two, well that just makes me angry. I know I was kinda harsh in this article, but these are all my opinions, and please don't take them as insults or anything else. Thanks once again!



Editor's Note: I didn't publish your previous submission (or several other peoples') because you made the understandable mistake of slipping into arguing towards your critics, rather than discussing the topic itself -- given the strenuous nature of some of that criticism, I can't blame you entirely, but I can't publish it, either. This article found a much better balance.

That said, I have to ask, are you certain that your assertion that it's "natural for animals (especially mammals) to feel attracted to the opposite sex" is completely true? Are you certain that humans are the only animals capable of making the choice of being homosexual? What if I were to tell you that homosexual behavior has been observed in other species, without detriment to the animals concerned? Unfortunately, I don't have any references to give you, but as I understand it, gorillas have been studied in the wild and found to occasionally form homosexual 'partnerships'.

If it's true, how does that change things? Does that mean that gorillas can actually choose -- or that it's a little more natural than you felt? Or does it mean something altogether different?

Always asking questions,

Times Editor



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