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Rant From an Ant

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Rant From an Ant

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Did anyone else read the Editor's Note in Elsha's article "Spending It On Themselves?"? Do we even realize what our dedicated staff members go through? Basically it was a heartbreaking story of love, for us dear Whyvillians. They only do it for us. And what they do is just for our few moments of fun every once in a while. And then we complain and complain about paying a teensy bit of money to pay for part of their homes. What they are doing is incredibly noble. It almost makes me wonder if it isn't too much to ask.

Think about it -- if your job was, say, a waitress, and you never got compliments or tips. All you got was a meager paycheck from your struggling restaurant owner. And every time you served someone, they complained, threw it back in your face and refused to pay. That's how I would feel if I were the owner of a website for young people and they insulted me. By saying I scam them, yelling and being generally rude and I got next to nothing for it all.

So my big question is: should City Hall keep doing these things for us? Is it worth it for them? I totally love Whyville, but maybe we shouldn't let all the beautiful people who make up the staff do this. They've got lives and we totally shouldn't complain about paying them a few bucks just so we can go and buy a pet rock or something stupid like that. I can't believe I haven't written this article before because this makes me sick -- these are real people, we should quit saying that we should pay for Why-Passes in clams. Why can't you understand that then there would be no money, no Whyville? But maybe they shouldn't do it any more.

Think about it, guys: we totally abuse the privilege. Maybe this doesn't apply to all of us, but to a large number of us it does! I dare you to think about what you are doing the next time you demand a new chat place or something as selfish as that; maybe you should think about how much those dedicated people give to us. Just so we can float around and chat about what that girl did the other day. I know it's fun and all, but really, what about them? What about random acts of kindness, or not so random acts of kindness? What about thinking about others for a change?

Ok, maybe shutting down Whyville would be a bad thing, Because they all believe that it's worth it. But there are so many things that you could do to help. Buy a Why-Pass, even if you think you're lucky enough to get in without it. Elsha has overprotective parents, so maybe she can't buy one. But if she can surf the net, she could try to round up some sponsors. Maybe I haven't been doing my job and maybe that's my fault. But I intend to start trying to change things. Even if I am always broke so I can't buy a Why-Pass, I can still write letters. AND WHEN I RUN OUT OF INK I MIGHT JUST TYPE E-MAILS UNTIL MY FINGERS FALL OFF AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS I CAN STILL TYPE WITH MY NOSE, AND I'LL JUST GO FROM THERE! I DARE YOU TO DO SOMETHING AND I DARE YOU TO PRODUCE AN EDITION OF THE TIMES WHEN NO ONE IS COMPLAINING! AND I DARE YOU TO CARE!

I dare you to take an interest in your town, just as City Hall has done for you. All life is cyclical; it goes into a circle. They have taken care of us for so long, it's time to spread our wings and fly straight, it's time for us to take care of them. They aren't asking for much, just love, respect, and a decent living. It wouldn't be hard, it would just take another few good men (and women) to do this. Go hard!

Anyway, I am just a small little ant from a big anthill.
but just call me almondnut
much love
best wishes



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