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Sask Abilities Council

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Sask Abilities Council

Guest Writer

Hey people! How are you all today? I'm fine, thank you very much. Yes, yes, well... What to write about today? There are so many possibilities!! Have you seen the AbilityFirst Rec Room?

I was just wandering around one day, looking for the Times Building (which I found thanks to the help of a VERY nice person) when I saw a big colourful building. Thinking that perhaps this was the Times Building I clicked on it. I went inside --of course, what person wouldn't-- and saw a guy in a wheelchair telling me about AbilityFirst.

Wow, what a good cause!! My dad works at the Sask Abilities Council, which I'm guessing is a lot like AbilityFirst. They pay for some treatment and help people with disabilities. My dad says it's called the Abilities Council because they want to focus on people's abilities, not their disabilities.

At first I thought the Rec Room was boring. Then I discovered that there are going to be games in it! Yay, sounds like it'll be fun! I hope that we will have more than one game though, because we need variety in our lives!! I think that the Rec Room will raise awareness in Whyville. I mean c'mon, there's no way we can pretend we live in a perfect world! We live in a world with many perfections. We might as well accept everyone first, not doing that is what causes a lot of imperfections.

Anyway, I'm outta here; nice chattin' with ya!




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