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Being a "Sissy"? Grow Up!

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Two days ago, some of my friends and I decided to race our karts we made ages ago on a weekend when we were dying of boredom. Comments were thrown around all the guys like, "Don't let her beat you. She's a girl, okay?!! She knows nothing about cars and how to make one of these things!!" Well, *ahem*, I know more about cars than he does. My dad was obsessed with modifying cars when I was little and I learnt all the names for everything in a car and on a car. But that's not the point to this whole article.

Why is being a girl seen as degrading to most guys?

This week in New Zealand, about 10 all-girl rugby teams were taken off the playing sheet. Why? Because they're girls, and the organizers didn't feel they were up to it. For those who have never heard of rugby, here's a quick description: it's a lot like American football, without all the protective gear. The funds for women's rugby seem to be slowly disappearing. Why can't women play certain sports?

All around the world, babies are being dumped in trash cans or left on the side of the street because they're not male. This week in the news, a baby was bashed and had over 300 bruises on her body. The father wanted a boy to play basketball with. I'm a girl and I can play basketball! I can beat all my friends, Me vs. 6 of them! =o) Why don't girls have respect from their families?

I dunno about you guys, but us girls get some crummy pick up lines. Get this: I was sitting outside, waiting for my sister to come out of class, and it started raining. This bunch of guys walked past, and me being the friendly person I am, I started talking with them, until one of the smart "buckos" came & almost posed next to me and said, "Hey baby, don't ya know that sugar melts in the rain?" I just burst out laughing. I don't mind the pick up lines, they're good for a laugh. =o) But sometimes they can turn from lame to abusive....

Something that happens to every girl, (even my mum!!!!) is the good ol' cars tooting their horns. My friend always yells out, "What? So you expect me to run after you with my phone number?!! I don't think so, bucko!" But what happens when it goes further than that? Like being stalked?

This happened to me and another friend. One day we had walked too far without realizing it until a car came, did a 360 degree turn and burned rubber. To get away from that, we did what we'd done heaps of times before; walk up to a house like it's yours and hide in the garden. This has caused some problems. One time we did this and we were crouching there and the owners came home. And we'd never go up to the door, 'cause who knows who lives there! But if you're stuck like we were, walk up the drive and yell, "Mum, Dad we're home!" or something like that. The guy in that car got out and started chasing us!

Just don't walk in the shifty parts of your city! Why should girls not be able to take walks because they're going to get followed? Why why why?

On the news this week is a woman in Nigeria who was charged with adultery -- they are going to stone her to death, come the year 2004.. I wonder, maybe there'll never be completely equal right for both men and women. I hate being put down because I'm female. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!! Just don't say anything about "beating that girl, cause she's a chick!", okay? And for the record, I kicked those guys booties, raced them outta town in our karts.

I earned my respect now, but it shouldn't take that to get it. Do all the baby girls have to race karts and win before they stop getting thrown onto the street to die? Do all the girls have to stop playing sports they love because some males think they're not up to it when they've won all their games for the past 2 seasons? We shouldn't have to put up with it, but it seems some things will never change. We're getting more active in the world, though, so don't let any pea-brained boy tell you that you can't do something because of your sex. Because he's wrong! Hey girls, I'm living proof!

a.k.a. The most girly girl in the whole universe, and proud to say it, too. =o)



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