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by natalia, fiona, & sixrock
Whyville Story Tellers

One dark and dreary night, the CLAW! crept into Whyville and took over the Times Building and the Editor (that's why you can't go in there). He slimed the walls -- BUT! That's for later.

The next morning, he gets Fiona's password, uses up ALL of her clams and changed her reputation from good, best friend, to bad, mean friend. Everyone hated her. Then he got Natalia's password, out of poor Babygirl, who is SO scared of the monster. But, he wants more...

So he captures sixrock, beautiful and all, with his slimy, green body. And he holds her captive. Rats were everywhere! And slime dripped from pipe to long pipe. And it was so mossy, that sixrock couldn't help but slip despite the firm grip the monster had on her. And it was SO cold! And she was wearing one of moonbaby's fantastic, short-sleeved tanks, which made her even colder. And then...she saw the Times Editor, curled up in a ball, on the floor.

"Oh no," thought sixrock, "I'll be that way." But the monster was so mad he threw a ball at sixrock, and knocked her out cold! She was unconscious for 2 whole days!

When City Hall came, to see why the newspaper wasn't out, he saw them both on the ground. And he rushed them to the hospital. Her boyfriend, SithLord, stayed off of Whyville till sixrock was ok. And she was.

Then, the CLAW! captured the beautiful, single, Natalia, along with Babygirl. But sixrock found out about her friends, and screamed, "Take me! NO! NO! Not my friends!" But even that couldn't stop the monster from taking them. Sixrock couldn't take it anymore! So she told City Hall, who conjured up a whole army to fight off the monster. So they bustled in and saved Babygirl!

But -- where is Natalia? So the men/boys searched and searched. When they found her, shewas in the pool...

They weren't sure if she was...

NOPE! She had only fainted. But when she tried to stand up, she collapsed into a cute boy's arm. They fell in love at first sight.

And then, they found the monster, dead, because he hates romance too much. And Whyville is happy again.


- Well this is Natalia, Fiona, and sixrock, signing off - good night.

Note from the Editor: Thanks for saving me from the CLAW!, people! The authors have requested illustrations for this absolutely fantastic story. Artists, send in your vision of the CLAW! terrorizing Whyville for a competition in the Times Gallery!


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